Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The Stars of my Blog.

Bella, Grace and Jack - my Dales Pony Family

My Superstar - Daloumie Arabella

With Supporting Stars - Waterside Grace

Daloumie Crackerjack

Escaro Novillero (Rico) PRE

And occasional appearances from other family members - Halstock Romeo, mini Shetland stallion

Bybeck Eees Away (Merlin) Fell Pony

Holly, Dartmoor Hill Pony

Kobe, miniature Shetland mare

                    And last but never least, Dougal, miniature Shetland gelding.
Apart from Grace all my horses and ponies joined our family as unbacked youngsters. Bella and Jack have never been ridden by anyone else. Bella will be 13 this year (I cant believe it, it seems like only yesterday we brought her home just before her first birthday) Jack will be 14, Grace 19, Merlin 10, Romeo 8, Rico 4 and Holly 2 years old. Dougal will be 5 and Kobe will be 15 years old this year.

My passion, along with eponies, is classical dressage. My training methods are based on clicker training and making everything as much fun as possible, for me and for them.

My biggest influences so far have been Alexandra Kurland and Jane Savoie. My greatest inspiration as far as my idea of perfection goes is Anja Beran and her beautiful horses. That's the look I strive to achieve.

My dream is to train Bella to perform all the Grand Prix movements, along with a few extra classical movements, such as levade. And then, when Bella and I have managed all of that, along with having fun progressing with the others, there's the serious project of young Rico coming up behind!!!!  

Bella and I begin this blog and 2015, after a winter of very little training, with piaffe and passage starting to become a reality as seen in these videos from last autumn.    

      Bella - Diagonalising the Walk - Beginnings of Piaffe                                

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